Shorter articles

  1. Priority Starts at the Top

    There are a wealth of resources about prioritization methods out there (including this blog), but PMs keep struggling with it. Why is that?

  2. Report templates for fewer status meetings

    Report templates, and guided steps to create them, so Product Managers spend less time in status meetings and more time out of the building

  3. Optimizing internal product communications

    When we stop to think about our internal product communication strategy we can be more effective in getting the message across and spend less time doing it

  4. Key Best Practices for Using Customer Feedback

    Key best practices for using customer feedback, drawn from conversations with 14 product leaders

  5. Moving from Solutions to Problems

    A deep dive into why focusing on Problems helps make our jobs as Product Managers easier, and how to grow this culture among stakeholders around us.

  6. How to Deal with "Sinatra" Stakeholders

    How to deal with a common kind of stakeholders that we may refer to as the "Sinatra" type. You know, the ones insisting on doing things "their way."

  7. Benefits (and Caveats) of a Simple Estimation Process

    Estimation is a hard problem. It frustrates the team and stakeholders. A simpler process can help. Here's what works and what doesn't after switching to it.

  8. A Trello template for your Product Backlog

    A set of Trello template boards that you can use to manage your product backlog as a 3-dimensional entity instead of just a list

  9. Deadlines are evil. Deadlines are our friends

    Deadlines can make us move forward in a very powerful way, bringing focus and motivation. However, the good and bad parts are separated by a very fine line

  10. Organizing a Large Product Backlog

    Organizing a large product backlog is tough. This is due to the amount of stuff we keep in it and the list form it usually takes.