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  • Book By Daniel Chak
    The Product Manager's Guide: Strategy, Psychology and Leadership at Work

    The Product Manager's Guide focuses on building a product vision and validating it throughout the product development life cycle, and influencing within an organization to land products and effect change. The book is for current and aspiring product managers and anyone who works with them. It's also for anyone interested in strategy and leadership.

    Topics Product Management PM Foundations
  • Article By Jason Cohen · Mar 19, 2023
    Navigating the unpredictability of everything

    We dramatically, repeatedly fail predict the future. Does that mean "strategy" is senseless? No, it means you need these techniques to navigate a volatile world.

    Topics Strategy
  • Article By Piotr Małek · Dec 20, 2022
    Product Discovery - Do's and Dont's

    Product Discovery may not be the most talked-about aspect of building products. But it’s a crucial one. Learn what it is and how to do it right with our guide.

    Topics Product Discovery
  • Article By Itamar Gilad · Jan 09, 2023
    Feature Factories vs. Value Generators

    The feature factory model rests on sound historical foundations, but it is causing massive waste and cost when applied to software.

    Topics Product Culture Outcomes Outputs and Outcomes
  • Article By Hila Qu 曲卉 · Jan 10, 2023
    Five steps to starting your PLG motion

    An in-depth guide to getting started with product-led growth

    Topics Product-led Growth

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  1. Priority Starts at the Top

    There are a wealth of resources about prioritization methods out there (including this blog), but PMs keep struggling with it. Why is that?

  2. Report templates for fewer status meetings

    Report templates, and guided steps to create them, so Product Managers spend less time in status meetings and more time out of the building

  3. Optimizing internal product communications

    When we stop to think about our internal product communication strategy we can be more effective in getting the message across and spend less time doing it

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