Shorter articles

  1. How to Deal with Unresponsive Stakeholders

    You're a Product Manager working with some stakeholders on your next release. They're busy and unresponsive. Here are 4 steps to handle that situation

  2. Customers value Results, not Tools

    What customers value the most are Results. Not our Products and definitely not our Software. That's why Product and Process thinking alone is not enough.

  3. Product Managers: Let's Keep our Role in Perspective

    As Product Managers we must always remember that our role is to look outwards at least as much as we look inwards

  4. Book Review: "Badass: Making Users Awesome"

    Kathy Sierra's latest book is a must-read for any product person. Sustainably successful product are those that help their users succeed at what they need

  5. Measuring Customer Value in a Software Product

    As Product Managers we focus on delivering value to our users. But customer value is a measure of benefits vs costs. How can we translate that to software?

  6. It's Humans all the Way Down

    Building software involves a bunch of humans communicating in different "languages". If we don't try to close the gaps, we'll keep building the wrong things

  7. Folding your Software Burrito

    Product Management is balancing constraints and execution concerns. The hard part is on the constraints (requirements, prioritization, deadlines, team, etc)