Conversations on Customer Feedback

A collection of anecdotes, tips and advice from successful Product Managers on how to set up an effective customer feedback strategy for our products

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Conversations on Customer Feedback

There’s no shortage of content and recommendations for digital Product Managers to gather customer feedback, to get out of the building, to talk to our customers… It seems like there’s a myriad of things that we should be doing. However, there isn’t so much on how to put all these pieces together from a PM’s day-to-day point of view, going over things like…

  • how to handle feature requests and unsolicited feedback that’s coming in
  • how to make sense (and decisions) out of customer feedback data?
  • how to approach organizations that don’t value customer feedback
  • how to get access to users when Sales and Account Managers are protective of their relationships with customers and prospects
  • how to work with second and third-hand feedback data that comes from other teams
  • which collection of best practices are used by successful PMs and which pitfalls we should avoid
  • how best to segment our customers and users
  • how can we evaluate the success of features we ship

This is what this resource is about — a collection of anecdotes, tips and advice on how to set up (or improve) an effective customer feedback strategy, throughout the product development cycle.

But because Product Management doesn’t look the same everywhere, I reached out to experienced Product Managers working on many kinds of products, including B2B, Enterprise, B2C and even internal ones. So this is what you’ll find here: 13 audio tracks and transcripts of the conversations I had with 14 Product Managers and Leaders, totaling over 10 hours of content.

There are tons of useful and interesting bits of knowledge that you can listen or read at your own pace here on the site. Check them out: