Hi, I’m Daniel Zacarias, a freelance Product Management consultant based in Lisbon.

The human side of making software products fascinates me. On the one hand, getting to understand customers’ problems and needs, driving the process to create something that will let them succeed at what they’re trying to do. On the other hand, dealing with all the internal stakeholders, teams, constraints and decisions that need to happen in order to get the product out the door.

Creating software products is all about working for (and with) other people, making it endlessly fun.

I write about these topics here, with a special focus on creating practical articles and resources that can help you with your daily product work.


If you’re in charge of a product organization and experiencing some growing pains, I can help you with:

  • Create or assess your digital product’s strategy and vision
  • Run experiments to validate product and feature ideas
  • Review and improve your Product Management process (from research to launch)
  • Fill a Product Management position while you find a full-time hire or bridge temporary leaves in your team
  • Coach and help your team get started with Product Management best practices


I’m very interested to hear from you and the sort of issues you face as a Product Manager / Product Owner. Go ahead and ping me via Twitter or Email.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Github and Strava.

If you’re in town, try to come to a Productized meetup or conference, where I curate the Product Management track. There are always great presenters, snacks, drinks, and of course, product conversations.