Hey there!

I’m Daniel, the person behind this website. I’ve been developing, launching and managing digital products for 15+ years. I’ve worn many hats (and still do), but the one that’s been with me the longest has been “Product Manager”.

I created this site back in 2015 as my personal blog, wrote a couple of really popular articles, developed a crippling case of imposter syndrome, stopped writing, temporarily moved it to another domain for a project that didn’t pan out (called career.pm), and now it’s back here, with a new mission.

My goal is to use this site as my personal database of product management resources, and make it easily searchable by anyone. There are already over 5,000 entries you can search for (like articles, podcasts, books, blogs, videos, courses and all kinds of stuff), all catalogued by topics. Consider this site still very much an MVP. There are tons of things I’d like to add, and your feedback and ideas would be invaluable, so please get in touch.

I’m currently not working as a product manager per se, but I do manage products. So if you’d like to follow what I’m up to, check out my personal or my company’s websites.

About the site’s name…

I often get asked “why the hell is your site called Folding Burritos?”. Fair question, so here it goes:

First, I freakin’ love burritos. Both eating and making them. Mainly the eating part though, because I suck at making them.

Second, I wanted a distinctive, rememberable name for my site.

One day, while struggling to fold a burrito, it hit me. In order to create a great burrito, you need the right amount of ingredients (so it doesn’t overflow or it’s too floppy), the right combination of ingredients (so it’s tasty) and the right technique to fold it (so it doesn’t fall apart). “Huh, how’s that for a product management metaphor?”—I thought. And boom: the name was chosen.