Product Management Training and Tools

Folding Burritos is about sharing practical, in-depth and useful PM content. After speaking with hundreds of you, I realized there are a common issues we all face, so I decided to create some training and tools to help you achieve more as a PM. Read on for more details. is a career accelerator service focused on Product Managers and those aspiring to become PMs. By creating a personalized “Career Roadmap” and providing the resources and expert guidance to execute it, it helps PMs put their careers into overdrive and aspiring PMs land their first gig. The service intelligently combines coaching, training, and creative professional development opportunities to make you more effective and your career development faster and more strategic.

If you’d like to join our pilot program, make sure to head over to the site and join the waiting list.

PM Fundamentals – Getting out of firefighting mode

Many of the things that get us in trouble (i.e., in the weeds), can be prevented if we deploy the right techniques. It’s hard to know where to start, but we need to take a step back and set up a clear and simple process that clarifies goals, balances competing for priorities and promotes cross-functional collaboration. This is the key to get you focused where it matters, and the focus of my course.

Through a combination of lectures on best practices and exercises, you’ll learn about Product Management tools that help you:

  • Balance multiple, competing priorities
  • Organize your roadmap and backlog
  • Reduce the time spent on writing specs
  • Collaborate and create alignment with stakeholders
  • Communicate your goals and progress with the rest of the company

If you need help on any of these topics, then go ahead and start the course!